Paid Internship

Posted: 11/13/2023

The internship is a two year commitment.  The first year will consist of a three to six month commitment and the second year will be approximately nine months. During those two years, the intern will spend approximately 100 hours on directed education and shadowing different employees in the company.  These 100 hours will broadly focus on vegetation management, native plant propagation, consulting, and wildlife management.  Interns will receive direct education on the principles underlying these topics as well as hands-on experience implementing the techniques required.  Additionally, interns will be given the opportunity to shadow different types of environmental consulting such as wetland delineation, plant surveys, and site assessments. As opportunity allows, interns may be given the option to spend more time on aspects of the company which most interest them. As a culmination of the education they received, interns will be asked to create a plant or wildlife management plan for a parcel of land. Upon completion of this internship, interns will walk away with all the licenses or certifications they pursued, letters of recommendation, two seasons of field experience, leadership experience and having produced their own management plan.

When not focusing on the directed education, interns should expect to take part in physically demanding work. The physical requirements of this position include being able to carry a 40 lb. backpack sprayer for up to 10 hours/day and working in difficult conditions due to vegetation and topography. Work with herbicides and brush cutters is typical. This internship requires flexibility in the work week as weather dictates work schedule. Travel is a regular part of the job and some projects require overnight stays up to 1 week in length. 

Educational requirements include a high school diploma and coursework  from an accredited college or university. Ideally the coursework is in biology, forestry, agriculture, botany or related field. Plant identification skills will be taught in the internship. However, having any plant identification knowledge will greatly increase your chances of being offered the position. Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. 

Expected hours/week: 40-45 

Start Date: Negotiable. No later than June 1, 2024 

End Date: The first year of the internship will conclude in late August however there is an opportunity to transition to full time work after August and stay on until late October.  The second year of the internship will conclude in February. 

Starting pay rate: Starting pay is $13.25/hour or more depending on whether  housing is utilized.